Wine Pairings for REAL Food

Coming home after a long day at work or school is a moment we all used to revel in. Remember? Put your feet up, pet the dog, take a load off. Even now, if we’re working from home or attending classes by Zoom meeting, we all enjoy the moment when we can put our work down, close the laptop and “Call it a day”.

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Using O3 (Ozone) to rinse our bottles and sterilize our equipment, we eliminate the need for chemicals that other uBrews utilize. This makes our wine safer and better tasting than anywhere else, including the liquor store.

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Storing Your Homemade Wines

When you bring your order home from Art of Brewing, it’s important that you store that wonderful wine properly. Bottled wines are dramatically affected by the environment in which they are stored. In fact, proper storage conditions are so important in ensuring that your wine is at peak quality when opened, they should really be considered the “last unwritten step” of the wine making process. So, we’re writing it here!

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