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We have red wines from A(marone) to Z(infandel) that will fit any taste or budget. As far as pairing is concerned, we find that most wines go well with friends, family, and good company!


Deep ruby red, spicy and earthy, a touch of oak, volume of tannins. Try it with rich, intensely flavoured meats or rich meat sauces.


Deep crimson, fruity, lightly spiced, untoasted oak with a nice finish. Goes well with hearty foods, Italian pasta or with tomatoes and chicken.


Big, medium-to-full body, robust yet refined, dry, complex. Serve with Osso Bucco and all rich stews.


Deep purple colour, robust mouth feel, black fruits and lots of oak. Serve with stews or Osso Bucco.

Cabernet / Merlot

This classic Bordeaux blend of rich and dry with soft fruit-forward flavours and a hint of oak. Match with barbecued red meats.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Bold, flavours of cherry, raspberry, black currant and some oak. Serve with pepper steaks, spicy pasta dishes and roast beef.

Cabernet / Shiraz

A big fruity wine; a powerhouse of flavours and aromas, can be extremely elegant. Serve with beef or lamb dishes.


Dry, light, medium bodied, elegant with flavours of cherries/blackberries. Great with tomato-based dishes.

Luna Rossa

Big, bold, bountiful, rich black fruits and oak. Excellent with medium or rare red meats and stewed beef.


robust, fruity, lush red with blackberries and a touch of spice. Serve with stews and wild game.


Red berries and spice, soft easy tannins, medium body. Good with red meats and pasta, steaks and prime rib.


Deeply coloured, rich, blackberry, black pepper and balanced acidity. Excellent with pasta and veal. MONTEPULCIANO

Pinot Noir

Delicate with aromas of violet and characteristics of cherry/raspberry. Excellent with turkey, salmon, game meats, and mushrooms.


intense fruitiness, peppery spiciness with subtle aromas. Serve with barbecued pork or red meats.


Rich, ripe fruit aromas and plenty of plums with a hint of spice. Complements full-flavoured meats and stews.


Dry, medium-to-full bodied, bright red, aromas of spice and oak. Serve with stewed beef or spiced red meats.

Rosso Fortissimo

a Tuscan-style wine vented from a blend of red grapes or skins. Bold fruit finish, full-bodied, solid structure, oaks – very intense. Pair with steak or tenderloin.


Bright red, cherry character, hints of violets and white pepper. Try it with Chicken Parmigiana, garlic and onion dishes, blue cheese, figs and plums.


Delicate bouquet of red berries and oak. Easy drinking with pizza or pasta.


deep flavourful wine, notes of raspberries, figs, chocolate, and spice. Try with sausages, pork, or Mediterranean dishes.


We have crisp, light, and medium whites – and some which are quite full bodied as well! Traditionally, whites are served chilled or slightly chilled. 


A medium-to-full bodied wine with rich ripe fruit and a smooth mouth feel. Some are heavily oaked, while others are “naked”. Matches well with poultry and creamy sauces.

Chardonnay Semillon

A blend of wines that provides citrus and tropical aromas. Light vanilla notes, soft on the palate. We like this one bubbled! Great for aperitifs.

French Columbard

Subtle fruit, smooth finish. Ready to drink once bottled. You’ll be surprised how well this goes with curries and other spicy dishes!


One of the best wine names to pronounce, these grapes grow in cooler regions, which give the wine a pronounced fruity and spicy edge. Off-dry, with a lovely lingering impression. Ages elegantly. Enjoy with most Asian foods.

Grüner Veltliner

Austrian, full-bodied, fruity wine with a creamy texture. Never heavily oaked, but with a hint of sweetness. “Gru-Vee” is considered one of the most versatile food wines. IT can handle omelets, asparagus, and even artichokes!


Another fun wine to pronounce, this is off-dry with a floral bouquet, and its ripe sweet flavours balance acidity. Pairs best with lightly spiced dishes.


A soft, easy drinking wine with delicate aromas and flavours of apple, pear, honey and elderflowers. Sip on its own, or add your favourite sandwich!

Pinot Grigio

This wine has a refreshing citrus character with a note of peaches. Crisp and harmonized, you can pair it with most white meats or Asian dishes.

Pinot Gris

This Pinot has a green apple and lemon bouquet, with a rich mouth feel. Tangy fruit acids are balanced with a hint of sweetness. It’s charm unfolds after a few months of aging. This is an excellent choice with rich foods, butter, oil and garlic shrimp, and any rich pasta.


We have several versions of this popular white. It’s crisp, clean and refreshing, and leaves a sweet impression. Pairs nicely with seafood and pork.

Sauvignon Blanc

Including the award-winning New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a global favourite! This wine is complex, with long, rich flavours and a dry finish, with no oak. Herbed roasts, oysters, salmon, and scallops all pair well.


A dry, fruity white with good acidity. Intense aromas of grapefruit, mango and papaya. Excellent with spicy Asian or Mexican dishes.


A Blush (also known as a Rosé) is versatile and fun. Chill it up and share it with your friends – “Rosé All Day!”. Great for picnics, barbecues, parties, girls nights out, or girls nights in!

Blush Zinfandel

Medium dry with a sweet impression, deep pink and fruity.

White Barolo

A full-flavoured blush with an acidic edge to take on robust foods.

White Merlot

Off-dry, light-to-medium bodied and refreshing, this carries an aroma of strawberries.

White Shiraz

just a hint of sweetness, this is a blush with attitude.

White Zinfandel

medium dry, soft and refreshing. This blush carries a hint of red berries.

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