Ladysmith wine authority Art Lindala’s passion for creating fine wines is equaled only by his dedication to pioneering eco-friendly practices in his operations. Lindala’s business, “Art of Brewing Ladysmith”, uses cutting edge aqueous ozone systems to sanitize equipment containers and general winery work areas - as opposed to employing the chemical sanitizers that all other micro-wineries on Vancouver Island use as a standard practice.

FIRST OFF, no, Art’s not using the ozone from the protective layer of earth’s atmosphere. It’s not THAT ozone. Art’s creating his own ozone, on-site at his Ladysmith shop. It’s kind of like lightning in a bottle!
Ozone (O3) is a safe, organic disinfectant that uses a cold sterilization process – which means it conserves water, and the energy required to heat it. Ozone has been proven in the industry as an excellent alternative to chemicals, steam, and hot water for disinfecting equipment.

Ozone kills microbes up to 5,000 times faster than weaker oxidizers like chlorine, but it decomposes naturally into oxygen (O2) - unlike harsher agents with harmful disinfection by-products. The ozone used at Art of Brewing Ladysmith is produced on-site and on-demand. After it’s used, it quickly evaporates into oxygen – leaving absolutely zero chemical by-products.

Art of Brewing Ladysmith is committed to staying at the forefront of ecological solutions that benefit our clients, as well as the environment!

Here’s some more interesting research on ozone technology:
Case Study:
7th-Largest Brewery in the U.S. Proves Success Using Ozone Technology in Place of Chemicals to Sanitize Plant Equipment
World Brewing Congress Paper:
The Use of Ozone Technology in Brewery Cleaning and Sanitation Operations: Opportunities for Streamlining Clean-In-Place Systems
University of California, Davis Viticulture & Enology Department Research Paper: The Application of Ozone in Wine Microbiology

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